Your templates were a great help in building my sites. I use them in a few of my sites. The most popular ones and Thanks for offering them for free.

Ric Wallace

I used the Free CSS template for my new business start-up. I can\'t stress enough how easy it is to setup a nice looking site very quickly. It\'s very nice because you really just need to write good ad copy. The graphics and layout look good so you don\'t have to worry about them. The way the template auto-resizes text spacing and keeps all the other elements in their proper place is very nice. It\'s a great template and everybody who sees it comments on the clean professional look. I made the entire site using Dreamweaver and this template in under 4 hours. And I\'m a total amateur at this stuff. No way I can afford to pay someone else to do it! Thanks for a great design. I will recommend you highly to other small business people looking for a simple and effective website solution.

Bas Jobsen

We use your template on Our vistors like your design very much! So do we. With our create design we could redesign the site in a couple of hours! The code is clean, well documented and easy to use. Thank you !!!

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What does Css Template mean?

Css Template is a ready-made XHTML Site that you can download and use for absolute free! Css Template was created by independent designers from Ukraine. You need only to make your adjustments and your css site is ready. If you open html file you can easily change the text information and graphics of the site. There’s no need to make design - our designers already did it. After your text and graphics adjustments you need only to upload files (html, css, images) to your server and enjoy your ready Css Site! Using Free Css Templates you can save your time and money!

The advantages of a free template over paid one:

1 TIME – you’ll keep your time because you’ll need only 10 seconds to download a zip file.
2 MONEY – you won’t spend a cent! Our templates are absolutely free.
3 TEMPLATE VIEW – beautiful sites! Designers know how make site beauty;)
4 SUPPORT – we’ll always help you even with the redaction of your project.
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