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The idea behind the template

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So here it is, my first free website template with classic .gif animations! This template was inspired by the traditional table-based layouts from the late 90's, but it has been built with the modern and standards-compliant code of today. Despite the classic influences and the animated visuals, the coding is very simple. No Flash or scripts have been used, only valid XHTML (Strict) and CSS. Because of that, the design works in most browsers, including text-based browsers and most modern mobile phones. The design also complies with Section 508 and the WCAG 1.0 Double-A accessibility guideline. The CSS includes additional styles to make the layout fixed to 800px or 1024px width if you prefer that over the default fluid width.

Versions and CMS/Blog theme variations

This template was originally released in November 2005, and later been updated a number of times with various buxfixes and adjustments. This is version 2.0, released on April 24th, 2008. Please note that this is a regular XHTML and CSS template, and not a theme for any blog or content management system. You can use this template as a starting point to build themes and CMS-specific templates for different systems, but that will require additional coding.

However, previous versions of the andreas04 template has been ported to a number of blogs and systems already, so if you consider using this template with a CMS or blog engine it may be worth taking a look at the official andreas04 template page to see if there are ported versions. For example, Tara Aukerman has created the andreas04 theme for WordPress which has been added as one of the default themes on

Posted by Andreas on Jun 01, 2010
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